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Buddhist films are a form of Buddhist art, increasingly being recognized as an independent genre or perhaps a sub-genre of spiritual films. To acknowledge and consider Buddhist film as Buddhist film, Buddhist film festivals are cropping up in different locations throughout the world, including Singapore and San Francisco. Another acknowledgement of this recognition of the genre is, DharmaFlix, a video wiki for the consideration of Buddhist film as Buddhist film. But the vision for this Dharma wiki goes much further. Most importantly, it is an attempt to use film to deconstruct the pre-conceptions that most people have about Buddhism, pre-conceptions like Buddhism is a religion, Buddhism is a philosophy, that Buddhism is an ism at all. Hopefully the experience of the intersection of all these movies and other video content will give rise to a complex idea, an idea that cannot be expressed well in words, an idea of what Buddhism might really be about. And then this wonderful incredible, mind-blowing idea will have to be ... dropped, for the meaning of the idea to be realized. And this is part of what is called the path, or perhaps better, the path that leads to the path. DharmaFlix casts itself like the proverbial rope onto one's path, a rope that one then reconsiders, only to find that it is a snake. If you go

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